new media and VCD project (2022)

Not real poster is a critique to the bad use of AI image generators.

NOT REAL POSTER is a project where a box with a button on it is placed somewhere. This box connects to the internet, so every time someone presses the button, NOT REAL POSTER Twitter account posts a tweet. One tweet contains one poster and a little text with the number of the poster. The other tweet contains the creator of the last poster posted.

NOT REAL POSTER is a critique of the upraising AI tools that exist right now. Everyone can generate beautiful artworks, just by writing what image you want the AI to generate. This also generates a problem with graphic design and stock photos, since using one AI image and adding text on top of it could generate a poster, for example. The project aims to raise the question: ¿Could AI posters work as real posters?

The Twitter account tweets a poster each time the button is pressed. These posters have been generated by Stable diffusion and then the text was added on top.

Sometimes is good sometimes bad, but are they working as a poster?