new media and VCD project (2022)

KL-ONE magazine, by @l.ukema and @pablonavarlaz, explores the intersection between artificial intelligence and creativity.

Taking a collaborative approach, we invite anyone who wants to share their ideas. We want to show how these tools can be used to co-pilot design, optimise processes and extend technical and creative capabilities. Faced with the overwhelming flow of content on the web, we decided to physically capture our ideas in order to organise and highlight key information.

In our first issue, we delve into the fascinating world of typography, with valuable contributions from @underwarefoundry and @jeanboehm, who share their perspectives. We also present innovative projects and experiments with cutting-edge technologies such as GAN networks or models like SDXL, Firefly or Dall-e, among others.

We'd like to thank @underwarefoundry, @jeanboehm, @mcnonpareille, @dextrostat and @vari0.us for making it possible.

ABC Maxi by @abcdinamo
ABC Diatype Mono by @abcdinamo
Switzer by @itfoundry